betsy wow and ribbon

I started work on the bookshelf speaker for a friend. Now this is something special, I can't stop listening to this speaker. Phenomenal coherency.
Anyway, I got G2 ribbons from nice diy fellow here, I got betsy wow from 'd to the g', and placed betsy wow in closed box (ikea bookshelf).
I removed the dust cap, installed brass phase plugs and coated the cone with the 'wet look' from parts express.
Measured the response, I can post it later, it was gently rising, minor breakups, rolls off at ~10kHz. I applied the bsc (0.5mH, 10 ohm) to flatten the response. Measured again, added ribbon, settled on 2uF cap. Nothing more. Flat fr response, flat phase (i tested in and out of phase). I listened with and without sub, sub is optional, depends on personal preference.
Anyway, I build betsy and ribbon before (old thread somewhere), this approach works. This time result is even better.
You got to hear it to believe it.


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very interesting

What woofer is that?

Would it be possible to see FR ( on and off axis ) of just the woofer/ box with crossover ?

This looks like a good example of a small voice coil woofer and its ability to disperse well into upper registers ??
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Ah understood... Betsy is the model driver, a FR USA made...
Thanks adason for the link, yes reader of TG website too.
How your curve looks at listening position ? The easurement is impressive for a domestic room :) ... no rooms mode in the low!

Measurements were done in close proximity, to avoid room modes. Besides, its not going to be used in that room.
I do manage room modes with ultracurve, in main system and in the HT system.
Measurements done without sub. Just betsy and ribbon.