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Betsy & Buck 12

Hi Dkalsi,

Sorry for the delayed reply ..... I have been pretty busy in the woodshop ... :)

On the Betsy & Buck, I ran the Betsy driver "wide open" with no crossover component and only an air core inductor on the bass driver.
It is wired in parallel with the Betsy driver.
If an Eminence Alpha driver is used (10" or 12") the impedance is 8 ohms.

The following values of inductor can be used and you can season the bass response to taste with the value of the inductor.

106 HZ - 12 mH

127 HZ - 10 mH

182 HZ - 7 mH

212 HZ - 6 mH

255 HZ - 5 mH

318 HZ - 4 mH

635 HZ - 2 mH

Happy listening,
Hi jwjarch,

Parts Express sells a 12" Goldwood bass driver with dual voice coils with a pretty decent .QTS.

Goldwood GW-412D 12" Poly DVC Subwoofer

I ordered a couple of them and will check them out in separate bass baffles if I ever get caught up on orders ..... ;)

The 12" drivers I have used for bass in the past seem to be a bit quicker and tighter than larger drivers and I think that they work better for music if home theater isn't a concern. Just my opinion .....

It should be interesting to see how these drivers work.
The dual voice coils / binding posts allow a lot of options for amplification and configuration.

Best wishes,