Bets and easiest type of amp?

Harry got some simple but effective design on is website:

The leach amp and leach super amp can be found at:

Douglas self got some extremly usefull information on is site an publish a book but is very costly here in Canada.

Aussie amplifier page got some very good MOSFET amp at:

Geoff Moss got some very good information on the work of John Linsley Hood:

Theres also many many more excellent site i've forgot.

Also i know it's off subject but anyways:

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2001-06-01 4:53 pm
It also depends on what experience you've already got. If you know how to solder, read schematics, do a little design work, and troubleshoot electronic circuitry, there are lots of circuits on this site and all over the web.
If you cannot do any of above, get somebody to teach you how to solder and go for a simple kit of some kind.
I would guess you're past this stage. It's still convenient to buy a PCB instead of building your own or handwiring. he ESP site JBL mentioned sells PCBs for most power amps. I have ordered some and they look good.
I would suggest not going for the ultimate in high fidelity as a first project. Layout and quality of construction is a very important part of sound quality.