Best version of the Snell A?

"Best Sound" is totally a subjective thing. Everyone's hearing is different. Room acoustics vary wildly. If it sounds good to you, that's pretty good then, isn't it?

I remember many, many moons ago actually doing the "blindfold audition" test to pick some new speakers. The pair that sounded the best (to me) among the group I was choosing from were the Ohm L's. When I opened my eyes I was totally disappointed... they were so much smaller than all the other ones (but they sounded so much larger). I stuck to my guns and bought the 'L's. I never regretted it.

If I had listened w/ my eyes open I probably would have purchased something else. What I'm getting at is that you can even talk yourself into the wrong speaker. Just use your ears, and if you like it, that's the one for you.



2008-03-02 4:18 am
I was just wondering. I can't exactly listen to all of them side by side. I know someone with some A3is that I might go listen to. I think the As are the best sounding of all the Snell speakers, but then again, I like Apogees. Some people hate them. Than again, some people hate tubes and records.........go figure.

I was hoping there was some older guys on here who have heard just about everything......................:)