Best type of connection to maintain 75ohm


BNC comes in 2 flavours, 50R and 75R. They are slightly different size, physically and mate best with different cables.

There is much room for confusion here! Some would say that for the very low speed in digital audio it would make not a jot of difference.

All conection types are designed to maintain the correct impedance, as far as it goes. Crimping is the neatest and easiest, but does mandate the matching cable to the connector.
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The 'thicker central pin' claim is often made, but many deny it. There was a long debate about this a few years ago. I can't remember whether it was on here or a UK vintage radio site. I think the concensus was that the pins are supposed to be the same size, and the change in impedance is obtained by using less dielectric in a 75 ohm socket.