Best Tiny Low Power (~10W@4Ω) Mono Amp Board on eBay

I'm looking for a tiny Amp board for a DIY BT speaker project using a TB T1-1828S and a ND25TA-4.
Raw performance is most important to me.
I was recommended a TPA3118 solution before, but the least powerful mono board I can find is still 60W@4Ω (TPA3118 PBTL Mono-Digitalverstarkerplatine1X60W 8-24 V LEISTUNGSVERSTARKER JgYLW | eBay)

Does high performance even exist in these tiny Amp boards or does real quality (like the Neurochrome Modulus) only begin at higher power ratings?
Does it make sense to search for something low powered or should I just get something high powered and run it at its minimum voltage?
Like Enzo often says, "the amplifier is that thingie between the power supply and the speaker"
According to specs TPA3118 can deliver 60W into 4 ohm load ... IF fed stable 24V DC.

So if you feed it half voltage, say 12V, it should put out 1/4th of that, some 15W RMS or slightly less.
Is that close enough?

By the same token, I guess you will not drive the amp to clipping but use it well within the "clean" zone.

Low power and quite low efficiency mean that is a near field speaker , presumably placed on your work desktop or similar; forget filling a room with it.
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