Best speaker configuration for someone on a budget?

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Ok so let's say you don't want to spend more than 200$ on speakers per loudspeaker what is best combination for your loudspeakers : only a 200$ full range or a woofer/tweeter combination with cheaper speakers or even a MTM or a woofer/mid/tweeter combination of even cheaper speakers?

I guess the answer might depend of what one wants to use the loudspeakers for. I want to use them for music, I mostly listen to jazz/fusion and anything with good guitar in it, but I listen to many kind of music (from classical to electronic....) so I need something not too specific. I don't listen to music very loud, if this is of any importance. My amp is a TP-60.

Certain driver combinations hit high value sweet spots
for particular sized speakers with given efficiencies.

FR's have there own set of rules and compromises.

$400 dollars covers some very good 2 ways and some good
budget 3 ways. IMO MTM's are just better at going louder
than MT's, same with MMT 2.5 ways, but both can provide
a narrower form factor than an equivalent MT.

Its a how long is a piece of string question, though
I know most of the high value designs available.

All round if you don't play music that loud, and want some
bass without a sub I'd say this is a killer budget speaker :

Get the cabinets right and it is an ~ $1K loudspeaker.

rgds, sreten.
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$200 per speaker... a pair of 12" audionirvanas are $380 (because they shipped them to greece). There are 10" which are $340 and the 8" are $290 so you might choose the 10"s and spend the rest $60 on the wood for the construction. or $110.

spend a week or so constructing the cabs while you wait for the drivers to arrive

and you're set!

easy to drive: they are very efficient and very loud. a 25 W amp is more than enough!

easy to design: no crossover. when you order the drivers, you choose what cabinet you want and they email the blueprints to you and they also give you advice

easy to construct: i made a couple of 200 liter beasts! and i've never handled wood in my life before! you can make smaller than fridge-size speakers though.

great sound: this of course is subjective, but the general consensus is that they are very respectable. very few people have been dissappointed in them and NOT because they are cheap like "oh they sound horrible but for that kind of money they are GREAT".
you can make smaller than fridge-size speakers

Ya, but what's the point? They use up all that space that was otherwise vacant and they can be used to hide a body or two should the police show up unannounced. Besides 200 litres is a baby fridge. Your wife would barely notice them. :)

Unless you are interested in the woodworking side of things, you may end up with a better deal by purchasing a premade or a kit that you can assemble.

Just my 2 pennies.
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