Best single din, 4v pre-out, high volume w/ least distortion

I currently have a CD- HD148BT and I'm seeing videos saying it doesn't put out 4v preout, it has a high distortion rate at higher volume. I need answers lol.

The pioneer deh-80prs is classified as a bass head, head unit here in GA. Is the pioneer unit better? Is there one even more solid than either of these?
Well... The distortion is a problem. The video showed that it could produce the 4v.

If you have some sort of problem that requires that you use extremely low gain at the amp, you may need a higher voltage drive but for most decent equipment, you can get high quality output with virtually any quality head unit.

I have a bottom of the line alpine on the bench as a signal source and it looked clean (no visible distortion as shown in the video) throughout the audio spectrum.

Does he have any head units that he's tested and they showed no audible level of distortion?
Post links to the videos or explain how they measured the voltage.

Are you sure that you're not simply driving the head unit to clipping? I know of no head unit that cannot be driven to clipping at full volume.

Do you need 4v? There are no commercially available amplifiers that need more than 2v to be driven to clipping.

The Rockford 9420 puts out 8v and I can drive it full volume on the scope with no clipping or distortion. I agree with the high voltage not needed but Rockford even claims these head units do not produce any distortion. This info is not much help, this unit will clip the amp but not clip the signal its sending.
You understand that 8V rms is a speaker-level output from a normal head unit, right?

The RFX9420 has 3 sets of 8v pre-outs and 2 adjustable aux inputs. This head unit has no speaker out wires, it was built for competition only and cannot be used without an amplifier. It has a 50 ohm source impedance and a copper chassis. I have been running these since about 2003.

I will probably never run another deck. I tried a new Alpine........Pure disappointment other than the blue tooth!! The Alpine has a lot of distortion at high volume. I noticed a big difference between the 2 in sound quality.

The Alpine I tried was the CDE-HD148BT
Can the 9420 have the bass set to the maximum boost and the volume to 100% and play a 0dBfs sine sweep from 20Hz to 250Hz and have no clipping?


I don't have all the frequencies you listed. However I did get the unit to clip finally. I tested 80hz and 100hz and the only way I can get the unit to clip is bass +8 all the way up, treble +8 all the way up, Punch bass enhancer on, and the volume at 30 which is max. If I go down to 29 on the volume no more clipping. Still didn't see any noise or distortion on the scope.

I was testing at 2ms 5v