Best PS capacitor


2007-11-25 12:13 am

I looked but could not find any place where people have discussed PS capacitors. Can people share which are the best capacitors for power supply filter. Brand, what are important parameters. I have found information on and off in discussions but not solely for PS caps. Given that these are so important for nice sound, if possible please share your views and opinions. It will help me greatly and might help others like me as well.

There are so many to choose from with great variation in prices. It is very confusing. What can be a good compromise... stuff like these.

If there is already a thread on this issue please let me know and I will remove this one.

I upgraded all the caps in my DAC PSU with Panasonic FC and noticed a degadation in sound when i replaced the cap's directly after the regulator (7XXX types).

A bit of googling gave me this document:

Where they explain that a low ESR in the PSU output can lead to oscillation.

I put back the original (not low ESR) 10uF and noticed the high's where much cleaner. (no more sssssss & tttttttt's).

It seems a tantalum performes best here......