Best osciloscope to 1000$

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just 3 weeks ago I received a Tektronix TDS2002 (about 1400 Euro)... It is a Digital Storage Osciloscope, 1GHz sample freq.. with FFT, averaging, waveform memory etc etc... it is nice, small, but NOT for analog / audio type of measurements ... I would never consider it to buy it for my audio hobby .. my cheapy 20MHz, build in sine-generator, 500 euro Voltcraft scope is better... the Tektronix TDS2002 goes down to 2mV, my Voltcraft 622FG goes down to 0.5mV .. which can be handy! The old second hand philips scopes analog/dig hybrids are very nice..
For building a function generator i can give you some max 038. I have more then i need. Or you order some samples of this chip from maxim-dallas.

There's a nice smd-apllication from elektor which takes most out of this chip. I can mail you if i'm back home.

I also have one unused xr2206, bought for a similar project but never build. This chip may be better for sine-waves (not really sure).

This link gives you a simple function generator: David Jone's function generator

and you can take this for a lowcost frequency display from the same author: Frequency Counter

For max038 drop me a line. I have both, smd- and dip-version.

Gasho, most DSOs sport 8-bit ADCs, so this is limited resolution for precise analog measurements, especially in the audio field.

Now if you want to be able to analyze transients, a DSO is a must have. You won't be able to do this with an analog oscilloscope.

eBay is a nice place to find good deals. The ideal situation would be to make sure that the seller has a decently recent calibration certificate for the scope you are interested in.
It really is nice to have both analog and digital, but if I were to choose just one it would be analog, much of what digital scopes can do can be mimicked by a soundcard.

If you use a reputable source, second-hand is quite adequate. It's worthwhile to get one with certified calibration.

It's more useful (IMO) to spend somewhat less than your maximum and use the remaining budget for top quality probes. Having a pair of 10x and 1x, one HV, one current, and one differential would be ideal.
Do you have some Fluke/Philips numbers of those in your vast brain, Thijs ?

:clown: Somewhere in my vast brain a memory about a certain philips scope can be found .. it had a analog display, but had functions i would normally expect from a digital scope like Vpp value, Hz display, that kind of thing.. I remeber that is had a very nice handeling.. something I also find important in a scope.. I even remember the color, but helaas.. the model number is lost somewhere in that vast brain of mine....

The tektronics is plain noisy, made of plastic, but more important , handles like plastic .. I don't think it is made for precision analog signal measurements, but I guess that it is perfect for digital, course signal evaluation..

Off course nothing can beat the LeCroy that sleeps beside me....:clown:
I have a Fluke 123.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

It's really nice, I love it.

Small enough to hold in your hand but packed full of electronics. It feels solid, comfortably heavy and very well made.

I bought mine on eBay for about 400 UKP I think, which is around $750 - 800. It was used but still in brand new condition. I think the guy had bought it planning to do repair work but hadn't got round to it.

Another guy I was bidding with in the US had bought the lower frequency version by mistake. He fixed X-Ray valves and needed the higher frequency version.

Fluke are great to deal with and very professional!

I'd like to get the ScopeView software for my Fluke. Then I could do FFT and other exciting stuff like that! :D

The digital screen obviously isn't quite as nice as a true analog CRT, but hey... nothing major.
@ Gasho:

How about a 2nd hand Tektronix 2246, tested and in good working cond? More than enough BW for audio and video, very precise and reliable. Can be around 600 Euro in EC. Savesyou plenty of your 1000 $ budget.

More problem I see is to get the equipment to Croatia.
How will you manage this?

If you are really interested to get the scope, contact me via mail. .

Gasho said:
LeCroy :bawling: :bawling:

You guys , helped me , but now I must look for my ideal scope /price/need.

What about this one? Hameg HM-507 Digital/analog 50Mhz dual channel

Or Hameg HM1000
Hi Gasho.
Since 2 years I use HM-507 daily at work (frequencies up to 50 MHz, precision AD, DA). Mostly I use it in a “storage” mode for analog waves. It works fine.
Compared to TDS1000 and TDS2000 series, presentation of waves is far better (in my opinion of course). In precision analog domain TDS is far worst choice.
HM-507 has only one disadvantage to me – short storage buffer 2048 samples. Times to times I would like to have longer buffer but … quality in analog is much more important to me.

To Hameg 507:

Well, take a closer look at the Hameg scopes: The workmanship is not very well done.

Most plastic parts even on the potentiometer and switch shaft - break easily and are hard to repair.

even worse:
The Hameg roll off at higher frequencies is oftne puzzling: Unexpected peaking and other "nasty" effects.
I have used the 203, 205, 303, 507, 1004, 1005 and 15xx series for tests. Would not take it home. These units are acceptable forthe amateur league.
But I did not see any person here in in the serious league that would go for a Hameg.
Usually Phillips and tektronix are in work.

Do I have to say more?

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