Best music for Amp evaluation

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Anybody have a favorite piece of music for evaluating amplifiers with? Someone told me the following was great for extolling the virtures of some of the Nelson Pass designs.


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I'm a firm believer in using music you know intimately and love, good recording or bad, good music or bad. If you're gonna listen to Puff Daddy, it doesn't do much good to audition with Mozart, and vice versa.

Personally, I gravitate toward vocals (even I know what the human voice should sound like) and heavy instrumentals (cause I love my Mahler!). On the vocal side, the Rose Scene or the trio from Rosenkavalier (Karajan 1950's) -- do tears come to my eyes? Hagan's lament from Gotterdammerung -- do I shiver with horror? Janet Baker singing Mahler -- does it shake me to the core? Such are the bases -- damned subjectivist that I am -- upon which I determine whether equipment is worthy.
I also think that this is right. Audio is a thing of taste and is extremly different from one person to another. A special piece of equipement can have the best possible spec but if you don'T like the sound their nothing spec can to about it. That also true to wath kind of music your going to listen to. A given equipment can sound with a music but worst with another kind.
Hiya Harry, I got the Zen joke first off - just where do you find these things ? :)
My favorite record cover is an old boxed record set by RCA entitled "Music For Frustrated Conductors - with baton".
I should get a scanner so I can post it. :)
I don't think I'd bother to use the JJ record for adjusting RIAA even ! - there ain't nothing that can make her EVER sound good.

Hiya Harry, I've finally gotten to the 40yo hippy stage myself.
I understand the following she had/still has, but her voice still reminds me of a wood rasp on masonite,.....or chalk on a black board.
And if I hear 'The End' one more time on my radio, it really will be the end for the radio.
And who would name their children Moon Unit or Dweezil ? really !
Sometimes, I think Timothy Leary has a lot to answer for.
I'm not the merest anti - I just think a lot of brain and social damage was done in the 70's.
I work with and respect musicians, but I never ever idolise them !
I'm not out to offend you Jocko or Harry, I just think that some musos can have a misplaced importance and influence, especially on young minds. (eg - Rap Crap).
Even Keith Richards is guilty - " I have a duty to my fans to always appear in public as completely wasted as possible".

Hmmm. Eric.
I, too, have to defend Frank Zappa's honor. I stumbled across a copy of We're Only In It For the Money when I was in ninth grade in '69 and bought it because it looked so weird. Listening to that album at that impressionable age, in those turbulent times, was like a hammer to the forehead. I attended at least one of Frank's concerts almost every time he played NY thereafter, including the Filmore East White Album sets. The man was an absolute genius.

I still have that original album (and many others). The mix is very different from the CD -- I think I read that some of the original tapes were lost or degraded -- but notwithstanding some wear and tear I much prefer it: it's what I grew up with.
Don't pick on Frank....

Just because he named his other kids Ahmet and Diva is no reason either. Us crazy Italians who went through the 60's STRAIGHT tend to stick toghether like over-cooked pasta.

You can pick on Jim Morrison if you want. Can't believe they actually play that stuff on the radio still. Shows how long it has been since I listened to one.

And yes.....I am only in it for the money. Russ Meyers may be in it for the lust, but money talks here.

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