Best looking amplifier


2013-10-10 8:39 pm
Hello folks;

I wonder what is you favorite best looking preamplifier, amplifier or player from outside.

Here is my favorite enclosure;

electronluv: hi-fi vacuum tube audio
Josh Stippich Aka FalchionB (@electronluv) • Instagram photos and videos

I remember when I found that site. I was there for days! Shared it with everyone!
Man THank you! I forgot about that.

Josh Stippich Aka FalchionB on Instagram: “Cool stereo I made a bunch of years ago just doing some setting up and new horn speakers soon for the barn !!! #e3fabrication”

Dude makes MAGIC! I may be able to afford something like this, I just don't have a place to do it justice.

I better submit a few. Images from 6 moons.