best! LM675T

i like lm1875's sound quality, i think it may be the best chip amplifier (including lm3875,lm3886,tda7294...and so on),the only one disadvantage is that its output power is too small, from the internet,i find lm1875 could be direct replace by lm675,and the latter has higher quality in low frequency response and bigger output power, i also find that lm675 is recommended by many senior HI-FI fans abroad. so I'm interesting with it. in China's market, it's difficult to find lm675, it took me several months to get two piece, but i haven't do any esperiment on them.
dear friends:
have you use it? tell me your result, thank you!


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;) I like 1875' sound too, but when i got 3886 IC, i forget my 1875:D
LM3886 better than 1875 although both have similiar sound. And according to my ears, 3886 have a good meddle than 1875 and also have much power than 1875.
I think lm675 use for instrumentation or servo controller not for audio opamp.:eek: :cool: