Best Linux based USB Source ?

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Hi guys,

I would like to collect your views on what is the best linux based USB-source to feed a Dac lets say with a xmos input card like waveio or similar.

"Best" means first of all pcm sound quality.

I was shocked when I compared my alix 1 with sotm card and mpdpup and compared it with raspberry stock and volumio, both running mpd. Even thou both hve been connected to waveio-card with isolator and ian'reclocker etc....the alix/sotm-combo just destryed the rasperry badly.

Well...a 500$ combo against 40$...but is there a serious challenger which does not cost 500 bucks ? The raspberry is sharing lan and usb resources and has a poor clock...will this becoe better when using an external clock through hifiberry dac pro or similar ? or is the lan /usb architecture simply always an issue on the rasberry ? A bbb with external clocks instead ?...?

Hello Blitz,
I do not understand your question exactly
But my front end is PC laptop i7 -> OS Ubuntu studio -> Software Hqplayer DSD128 -> USB out to Concero HD -> Altmann Amp -> Philips Ad12202m8 open baffles with helper woofer and tweeter
Foobar and Jriver will also do the job on each OS Windows, Mac or Linux
Well the game is to avoid the noise from the hardware source. Here the little boards à la Pi winn (because no big SMPS Noisy PS) even if they have their own noise issues.

But if you have not expensive isolator noise chips or pcb they winn VS the big PC Linux distrib ! Mostly because you can feed those little boards by a clean 5V with high quality regs or external phone LiPo cell for Smartphone (cheap : 20 euros !).

On of the best platerform for its quality and price is the Odroid C1+ : direct selling on the web constructor site (Google it).

The last RaspBerry Pi 3 is powerfull as well, although has some layout issues from the beginning of the Pi line ! (USB is a little corupted to be short for instance and to stay on your topic)

The BanaPi are good clones with the possibility to link a SATA 2.5" harddisk.

Pi plateforms have more helps from the web communauties while Odroid is more and more supported by the main audio distribs : ArchLinux based and others, Volumio, RuneAUdio, etc....

There are some more expensive without really crucial advantages !

If you need wifi, few ones have it embeded though you can always add a usb-wifi plug : but when all is swithched to the USB plugs : HDD, wifi + your USB to I2S device : we are far from the ideal.

All those previous device can also Stream via I2S pins which can avoid the USB to I2S link !

Hope this helps
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