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Silver wire supposedly sounds better than copper wires when used for internal wiring in amplifiers .
Since the resistance variation between both is insignificant compared to circuit resistances , some other characteristic , as yet not determined (?), must be responsible for the audible differences.
We won't look at psychological reasons now.

Has anyone looked at copper coated aluminum wires ? Anyone tried this ? If resistance is not the reason for differences , then maybe we can look at aluminum also . They do use them in tweeters.

Anyone ?

Silver plated copper wire like you finf in teflon hook up wire is definitely easier solder than bare cooper. In DIY we all think we are expert solderers (or at least very good) based on the joint looking like the book says it should. Yet more than once I've corrected a problem by the simple expedient of re-heating what looked like a perfect solder joint.

Thus the following hypothesis:

In DIY projects, silver, silver clad copper or silve clad something else type hook up wire can from time to time make an audible difference in the results for the simple reason that the probability of good solder joints is higher than when using bare copper (even cryogenically treated OFC with the crystals aligned however they are supossed to be aligned copper).
I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it is better to use silver solder ( 2% silver ) when soldering silver wire or silver coated copper wire.
There was some explanation but I've forgotten. It seemed to make sense at the time. Does anyone know what it is ?
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Yes, you must use silver-loaded solder when soldering to silver plating to prevent the silver from leaching out of the plating and making it unsolderable. This is also true for surface-mount components even though there isn't (to my knowledge) any silver in their plated soldering surfaces.
I used to work in RF design and we silver plated many items. To prevent corrosion we would cover the silver with a gold flash. Gold is practically impervious to corrosion. Customers would complain about paying for all that gold plating, but we did it to prevent corrosion, not to increase the price of the item. I'm surprised no one tries to sell gold plated wire to DIYers claiming great sonic advantages for gold.
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