best guitar solo?

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machine gun

guess you mean Rock:
Weird ones: Jimi Hendrix, "Machine Gun" on "Band of Gypsys". No Q.
Straight ones: my favourite is Eric Clapton's "Hideaway" on "Live Cream".

If i mean composed ("classical" :xeye: ) music: Julian Bream, each and any, no matter what he plays.
I don't know which song has the best guitar solo, but I know who played it. This guitar player where mayby not the best guitar play from a technical point of view, but he went deeper into the music then any other guitar player I ever heard. Jerry Garcia. When Jerry had his bright moments, he had a few darks too, he played more music then any other.

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Dear dice45,

In "composed" music, my favorite is David Russel. If you haven't heard of him, worth a try.

Telarc CD-80373 Music of Barrios

The first track, Un Sueno en la Floresta, is the best version I've ever heard. If you even try to listen to his perform in a concert hall, you might admire him even more.
MAny good ones, hard to pick a favorite

Gilmour - Dogs - from Animals

Zappa - Sexual Harassment in the workplace,
Overture to a holiday in berlin.... and many others

KK Downing and Glen Tipton (from Judas Priest) in Dreamer Deceiver or Run of the Mill. These are from albums in '74-'75 before they wrote their "popular" stuff.

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There's a lot of good stuff out there, but the ones that stick with me are:
Dave Mason - "Look at Me, Look at You"
Led Zepplin - the last half of "Stairway to Heaven"
Eric Clapton - Too numerous to list
Johnny Winters - "Highway 61"
Jimmy Hendrix - "Machine Gun"
Ten Years After - "I'd Love to change the world"
In that order.:drink:
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there was a time when i had to practise solving differential equations for a university math exam ... question of survival. I was alternatively spinning Hendrix' "machine gun" and J.S.Bach's "Fuga alla breve" from the 3rd violin sonata, c-minor BWV1005; played by Henryk Szeryng; this stuff launched my mind into the right mood for solving differential equations. :)
hi people. i was just looking at this thread and i want to put my two cents in!! i have been playing guitar for about 30 years and i love ALOT of players! but i can't believe you guys haven't said anything about carlos santana-lee ritenour-stevie ray vaughan-eddie van halen- and what about bassist stanley clarke???? to mention just a few!!!!i also read someone mentioned al dimeola and paco de lucia!! i have an album-friday night in san francisco-with al dimeola-john mclaughlin-paco de lucia-- in a word incredible!!! thanks for listening!!! greg
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