Best FR Drivers by Category


2013-02-12 12:21 pm
OK, since lately I have had lots of spare time to do other things besides work, the advantage of semi-retirement at 44 yrs old, I have been occupying my time and mind with speaker and other DIY projects, and some business projects. I like the simplicity of FR drivers, the fact that most XO's are non-existent or can be simple (notch filters, l-pads, etc.), can be used for creative applications, etc.

As such I have decided to do a SIMPLE reference table that will have the following information: Brand/Model/Nominal Size/Reference Price/Freq. Range/Ohms. It will also be nice to be able to group them by similar traits. For example, Fostex FF85WK has nearly the same specs as Tang Band W3-1364SA.

The table is a reference to be used as starting point for different projects. I will cover 3" thru 6-1/2", which are the most popular sizes. Later on other sizes, like 2" and 8", can be added.

If possible I will categorize as Budget, Average, and Hi-End (referring to pricing).

Any recommendations to add to the table will be appreciated. BUT, WHEN RECOMMENDING, ADVISE BRAND/MODEL/SIZE/PRICE/FREQ.RANGE/OHMS. If they are special, like the modded ones P10 has, or something special or not as common like Wild Burro, put a note to those effects.

If this has been done before, then please, tell me where I can find it.


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