best entry level cd player for our youth?


2001-10-04 9:10 pm
Hi, I know this isnt exactly a diy question but if anyone can help it should be one of you. Im currently in a project w/ a friend that is designed to education our teens as to the value and enjoyment of REAL music listening. We are building entry level systems for $300 that will give them an idea of the fun of serious listening. We are building lm3875 gainclones and Fostex/ratshack Buschorns and have about $150 left for a cd player. I know thats not much but of all the cheap players out there, which offers the best sonics. I dont keep up w/ DAs, drives and digitalspeak so I dont have a clue. I currently use a Rega Planet and an old modded Magnavox.

thanks taylor