Best enclosure for SQ? TL?


2008-01-30 6:08 am

I have raw drivers made by Vifa and rebranded by Alpine for car audio. They consist of a a 6.5" Midrange, a 26mm tweeter and an extremely advanced passive crossover(can be configured by jumpers). I currently have the 6.5" in a sealed enclosure of 12.5L(butterworth).

I am currently looking for a new enclosure for the woofer. I am currently involved in designing a Transmission Line for it. A Bi chamber ported box is also a possibility. I am wondering if anybody had any input on this. My aim is for Sound Quality although I do love extreme lows.

I also have a Alpine 12" for the lowend. This is currently in a sealed enclosure and I am also intending to build a new enclosure for that(Transmission line also, will be huge though).

Basically the question I am asking is what is the best enclosure for sound quality?

Is it possible to tune a transmission line for sound quality and how would this be in relation to Fs?

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or opinion.


2006-01-07 12:40 pm
according to siegfried linkwitz, closed is best for sound quality of very low frequencies (<50hz), above that the open baffle wins. some people will say, the advantage in distortion reduction due to the increased output of a bassreflex, transmission line or whatever resonant device you throw into the sounds way will lead to superior sound, which i doubt.