best drum solo or recording?

Why should the guitarists be the only one recognized? Let's hear about your favorite drummer, drum solo, or outstanding drum recordings...

Favorite solo: Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd- title track to Weckl's cd "Master Plan". Both drummers playing on one track, alternating solos, panned slightly left and right. Not the best recording- completely overproduced, as are most of Dave's recordings, but great playing.

Anything by Vinnie Colaiuta...

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What about KODO.
Way different than Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd !
If you ever will have opportunity, you should hear them in live !!!

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If i would have to pick,
well, probably Max Roachs drum solo on "Blue Seven" on Sonny Rollins' "Saxophone Colossus" album.

But i refuse to pick, i say, Max Roach, no matter which solo. Anything to recorded to gether with Clifford Brown stands out but that does not mean he did not develop his skills further. Second favourite is Art Blakey, 3rd place is shared between Elvin Jones and Rashied Ali on Coltrane recordings.
The Sheffield Drum record of course

Direct cut vinyl disc - great sound, fine drumming but poor value.
One 7:11 solo from Jim Keltner and one 6:23 solo from Ron Tutt 'filling' both sides of a 33.3 LP!

I think Sheffield issued it on CD - must have added a helluva filler.

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All you drummers out there probably know of this page already, but if you don't, check out this link:

Drummerworld Solo Page.

Lots of awesome drummers. A few of my favorites are listed on that page but what you should really check out are some of the secondary video links to Terry Bozzio, the "one-armed" Dennis Chambers solo, Carter Beauford, the list goes on and on. My favorite, having seen him in concert several times, is Danny Carey from Tool. Have a listen to his drum solo. It's ~10 minutes long and full of all kinds of electronic samples that he performs on his Simmons rig. I think that he is one of the premier drummers in "rock" today.

BTW, most of these recordings require Real Player.

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Hey guys,

Always enjoyed Art Blakey playing the drums.
He can really drive the band to great preformance.
I had a Blue Note recording with a darn good solo on it recorded by the great Rudy Van Gelderen.
No rehearsels,no second takes all straight to tape,great stuff!
Can't remember which one though...

Anyone that can refresh my memory?Night at the....something like that I think.