Best DIY Bluetooth transmitter chip with APTX?

Looking for the right microchip for an electronics project. I have multiple questions regarding this, but first some background on the application:

I have an electronics project which needs to be able to receive a Bluetooth audio signal as well as retransmit the same audio signal to a separate Bluetooth connected speaker. The circuit I'm building is meant to operate as a middle man, and I'm trying to maintain as good of a signal quality as possible throughout this chain. (Latency is not much of a concern, my circuit only reads audio signal for visual effects, no audio output).

To accomplish this, I intend to use 2 Bluetooth modules on my board, one for receiving the audio signal from the source (eg, smartphone), and a separate one for transmitting the recieved signal to a paired sink (bt speaker). The 2 chips will work together to hand off the signal from reciever to transmitter.

I need to know which Bluetooth chips will allow me to recieve aptx audio and which chips can encode and transmit audio in aptx formats, as these are some of the most commonly supported hi-fidelity wireless audio transmission types. I don't mind having different chips for receiving, transmission, and encoding/decoding if necessary, but I am looking for the easiest/simplest setup to work with.

I have seen a variety of Qualcomm chips which seem to support some of these features, but most are marketed as Bluetooth receivers and I'm wondering if they work just fine as transmitters as well. Ive seen qcc3034, 3008, 5125, 5144, 3040, etc...modules with a variety of different capabilities.

I have also read that I2S support will allow a digital signal to be transmitted between chips, avoiding the DAC to ADC signal path. This would be ideal

My questions are:

1. Which Bluetooth chips allow for transmitting an aptx audio signal from an analog input?

2. Which Bluetooth modules support I2S signaling (input and output)?

3. What kind of software/ resources are needed to work on these chips?

4. Any other notes or advice is appreciated.