Best D camp config for Tweeter amp

Maybe someone can offer some advice, I am going to use D amps for my open baffles, I have already decided on the ones for the mains and woofers but the tweeters are not worked out.

The tweeters are very efficient 104db for the front firing ones and 96 for each of the ambience tweeters (side and rear firing). All are contollable via L pads.

I want the very clear and smooth sound, volume is not an issue but which module and how should it be configured.

I have considered the sure 2024C, modded it sounds great on full range stuff, but how might it be best optimised for tweeters, ie Inductors, output filters etc. Perhaps another module may be better suited.

I know from experience with gainclones there is a fair bit gained by optimising the modules for tweeters, mainly gain, circuit layout and capacitance. But D amps are a new area to me.

The other modules will all be modded sure 2050s.