Best Choice phono under 400 Euro.

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You might get more responses Promitheas if you tell us what that cartridge will be attached to. What tonearm & what turntable. Without that information your question is impossible to answer. Besides there is no "best" just best suited to your ears, equipment & budget. Lastly most on these forums are into DIY so it might not be the best place to seek your answer.
Build - not buy - the Salas RIAA and/or the Pacific or other discrete two/three step. Implement into your pre-amp/amp, using its psu. There is NO phonoamp that plays as clean, or cleaner, to buy,-!!!
AND: There is no phonoamp to buy, more than 400 Euro, that plays good. NEVER, NOWHERE. Forget all the laqueured pictures and reviews.
My mind,-)
Thanks guys for the answers my turntables is marantz 6300 direct drive and linn sondek lp12, for the moment i need a cheap phono because i have many cartridges also cheap and i want to experiment.I'm waiting another two lovers classic turntable and those i would experiment with expensive phono and expensive cartridges.
Exactly that's my purpose right now to find something cheap and after buy better.Unfortunately i don't have a technical knowledge to build a phono pre, yes i know perhaps it's better to build someone a diy phono or other construction because he will know what he has done and also will be something that will bring satisfaction who made himself.

Thanks for the answers guys it's really important for me.

Hi the Akito Phono $200-00 (main board without valves) is supposed to be very, very good, better than an EAR834 which would cost you well over $1,000, however it is sold as kit and you would need to add power supply case. For the MC stage I would add 2 Cinimags 1183 transformers. (these are virtually identical to Bob's transformers that sell for over $1000)

You should be able the lot for $500 and you would have a phono that some people say compares to $3/5,000 off the shelf phono pre's. Happy building or find some who can build it for you. :D

Do you have a link for this Akito phono kit?
I can't find it anywhere.
Is that supposed to be "Aikido"?
Aikido Phono Rev. B Kit

If you want something inexpensive to just fill in before you put together your 'keeper' setup, what about the U-Turn Pluto or Schiit Mani?

I have a Mani and it's pretty damned good, I think. It is a US-made product, so it might be hard to find or expensive where you are.

The Pacifica or Salas Simplistic are supposed to be better, but they're strictly DIY, unless you can buy one from a DIYer who wants to sell theirs.
Hi my bit for what its worth. Save a few pennies more & go for a Sutherland PH3D Best bang for buck I know of. I think the idea that because a cartridge is inexpensive therefore it should be matched to a
Cheap phono stage is a false economy. With a decent phono like the above you may be quite surprised at the untapped potential lurking in your cheap cartriges.
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