Best Chinese DAC for CD only

There are now so many threads on Chinese DAC boards that it is not easy to come to any conclusions on what to buy. I will be grateful for advice from those members who have tried out a few of the present offerings on eBay.

My need is to play CDs (only) and I have a decent transport with spidf output. It will play into a Pass M2/F6 - both being built at present. My tastes are mainly classical orchestral, voice and chamber music all augmented by small group jazz.

My required flavour is for a 'kind' easy to listen too sound which causes little if any fatigue. It is important that the DAC is quite analytical and gives a good soundstage. I don't want to build a kit from scratch but am prepared to do some minor modifications.

My present DAC is an older Chinese offering using the CS4397 and CS8416 chipswith the output bypassed to a pair of transformers (A1).
The only problem is that it is somewhat boring to listen to and I would like to get an improvement ion that and other areas.

I will be grateful for any suggestions which fit the criteria above.

Many thanks.