Best Cap Replacement For Parasound DR40

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Hello Everyone. My first post, but I've been hanging around for awhile.

The left channel was taking about five seconds longer to turn on, so I opened it up to see if I could find anything obvious.
I noticed one of the large caps was bulging a bit so I thought I could find a wire schematic or service manual, well I have been unable to locate either one. I would like to upgrade the caps if possible, but original caps would be fine. Not having a wire schematic I am unsure what I should buy to replace them as it looks like it has been serviced in the past. They may not be original. I have attached some pictures for identification. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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Do you have an E.S.R meter? that way you can be sure what caps are bad but if you want to upgrade those power supply caps, I would go for Panasonic FC or Nippon KMH 105c. as long as they are low E.S.R all will be fine. you do not need an schematic to check or replace a capacitor!!! in my case, I use Mundorf Audio grade capacitors in my diy integrated amplifier, they are some of the best you can get, but they are very expensive ($30 USD each :eek:) .

PS: you can ALWAYS use same or higher voltages in capacitors, but NEVER use lower voltages as recommended from design!.
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What makes you say it's been worked on?

If it's getting beyond 30 years old, you might as well replace all the electrolytic caps while you have it all apart. But get the schematic so you can confirm the original values. For the large caps in the PS, I would fit the largest capacitance that will fit in that space. Digi-Key has a large selection in the Panasonic T-HA and T-UP series.
And give that thing a good cleaning...
The power supply looks, whoever replaced it used wire nuts instead of soldering it. I have been trying to find the schematic for ever. Cant find one anywhere. I was hoping someone on here would be so kind to share with me.

it will be good to have the schematic just in case someone worked in this amp before and change parts values. if this amp is over 20 years old, I would change all of the electrolytic capacitors (Panasonic FC) check for cold solder joints, clean boards and after that I would check for bias and DC offset.;)
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