Best battery powered Bluetooth dongle?

A search turned nothing recent up.
And I realise this is not especially DIY related, but I assure you that it will be in the context.
It has to be battery powered, relatively small.
And not be exploitatively expensive.
Best = good bang for buck.
I realise most of these are exactly the same on the inside. But there has to be variations and exceptions.
Asking for a friend. ;-)

PS. SBC with high bit rate is mandatory. ACC is nice to have. Transmit ability I could take or leave.
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I just bought an approximately 3-inch by 2 inch by 1/4 inch black plastic with a white edge battery-powered 4.0 Bluetooth receive and transmit for $15 Australian including postage. It worked first go and didn't sound too bad on my Sansui AU-11000 and DCM QED 1A speakers. I used some music files from my phone. The only identification is a musical F Key for the on-off control button? I got it from Fleabay! The internal battery is supposed to last 8 hours but a reviewer said that his lasted only 4 hours?