Best bang-for-the-buck 12" sub driver for sealed enclosure???

hi, I wanna go for a multiple sub configuration as showed by Dr. Earl Geddes, and he suggested me two driver from B&C, 1 12" and a 10"one.
But after seeing their specs I noticed the freq. response is not to low, the 12"starts at 45Hz nd also they are not cheap...
I wanna 3 drivers to make 3 subs configuration, one 12 inch and 2 10 inch, powered by a behringer 3000W amp and crossed by a DCX2496.
What drivers should I go for? it needs to be sealed enclosure and to goes down to 20Hz...

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2011-01-07 5:59 am
Dayton subwoofers are definitively one of the "best bang for the buck"

Geddes' idea is to have such a driver that doesn't get stressed at all when playing loud. B&C are pro audio driver that van take 1000W easily, plays [email protected] But dayton HO takes 700W and plays [email protected] You can understand this when you look at the price tag!

Personally I'd go Dayton way and actually I am! I also drive Audi A6 but it has the smallest 2.0T engine... 220km/h max speed is more than enough for me because I follow rules.
Best bang for the buck 12" is probably the Dayton SD315 or maybe the Peerless SLS 315.

Then upwards of that the Dayton RSS315 is great value, and also the Scanspeak Discovery and Peerless XXLS

Edit, I didnt read the sealed part. Fountek do a high QTS 12" alu cone sub which is very well priced and looks good too, but I fear its more an IB sub, the enclosure wd need to be massive.

SB acoustics do a 10" shallow sub which works very well in a sealed but can be expensive, altho if you shop around u can find some deals. I might be able to help u get a discount from SB.
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I very much like the Dayton RS. I have the 10. I don't like the Titan III. Still my Peerless 80500 are just plain clean and tight. They are in .6 Q cabinets. A bit off my target of .5, but close enough.

Juhazi, yea that 2.0T is fine, in a lighter smaller car like my GTI! Max speed means nothing as an American pick up can go three times the speed limit. It is HOW you do it. An A6 does it very well. Kind of like the Peerless. Poise.


2011-01-02 10:44 pm
plays [email protected] But dayton HO takes 700W and plays [email protected] You can understand this when you look at the price tag!
don't let these lone specs fool you that quick. A driver with 84 dB/1W/1m can sometimes easily eclipse the sound pressure of one rated at "93" at lower frequencies. In fact, it is the most common sacrifice (low bass) in order to get higher sensitivity. It is all a balancing act. Usually higher sensitivity drivers start to roll-off the low bass at a much higher frequency than others that are purpose built for real lows.
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