best amps ever produced?

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in your opinion what are the best amps ever produced? (commercial products only)

so that somewhat objective answer is possible lets divide the word 'best' into three categories

-best performing (measurements)

-best sounding

-best bang for the buck

in my limited experience with commercial gears, best performing would be a denon reference gear (forgot the name but sounded like 'nothing')

best sounding, fisher 500. xD

best bang for the buck 80s sansui integrates.
The best amps are obviously the ones I want but cannot afford. I like my VTA ST-120 / Cary SP-100 and also my McIntosh MC2105/C36 and also my Yamaha CA-2010. But I'd like a Pass Labs amp/preamp, a Fisher amp and a Scott amp. Maybe also a David Hafler SS amp.
The best amps ever produced (at least to me) are the ones I made myself.

Edit: Sorry non commercial.

hhaha, I would say the same thing

Creek destiny, Ayon with fancy tubes (never heard but can guess how it sounds, $$$), Rotel is quite good.

Accuphase is great

maybe I could venture to say AirTight makes the best tube gears? I wish to hear it in a critical listening
I have an Adcom 555 which is more than 30 years old and has been repeatedly abused by me as a test mule. All it does is work reliably and transparently, as well as effortlessly driving every speaker I've ever thrown at it.

It's not glamorous but it does everything an amp is supposed to do and does nothing an amp isn't supposed to do.
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What's the point of blabbering on about how amps you can't afford aren't the best due to price?

Do you think your Honda is faster than a Ferrari because you can't afford a Ferrari?

BTW the most expensive amps I've heard were not the best. But I've heard some expensive amps that did sound great.

I can't entirely confirm, but right now Thrax is on my list of best.
for the bucks : certainly Dynaco ST 70 and firsts NAD 3020, Hiraga Le Monstre

Some says the Big Ongaku with silver and special caps Inside is the worst measured but best sounding of all the time, but never heard it !

PS : I love also a lot the litle Pioneer 5500 10W of the end of 80s :) not the best certainly but can be found for 30 euros second hand and sounds marvellous and casual (more than a NAD)
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