Best amp for my needs?

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So I've been doing quite a bit of research to try and figure out the best amp for my particular needs, but I'll be honest; I'm a bit confused by the differences between amplifiers, the customizations people are doing, et al. I ended up purchasing a TDA7492 amp from Parts Express and it's working alright, however I am getting some distortion at higher volumes (with the gain set to low) that I don't care for. I'm hoping you fine folks can point me to a better amp that will suit my particular needs. Those needs are:

- Powered by an EVO2 battery that puts out about 14v fully charged but will run around 13v most of the time.
- Input source is an iPod. Volume controlled by the iPod.
- No onboard volume control, EQ, gain, etc is required.
- Will be driving a pair of 4 Ohm Infinity marine speakers

Ideally I'd like a simple amp that's pre-built, though I'm open to DIY if it's required to achieve my needs and am decent with a soldering iron.

Any thoughts?
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I was looking at getting the Hifimediy T1-M. It is showing about 14.5 Watts into 4 ohms with 12Volts while the lepai ta2020 shows about 20 watts into 4 ohms. Do you think the Lepai data is inflated or do you think it would be louder than the HIFIMEDIY T-1 M? I am going to be putting this into a "Boominator"
In my opinion they are both around $25 ea correct?, but by the time you add some freight etc... you know it not that expensive to better quality amps.

I cannot say one is better than the other without listening to both, but looking at the electronics on the Hifimediy, I can guarantee it will be better than the Lepai.

Depending on the sensitivity of the speakers hooked up, I would even try to go better than that. I Highly recommend something a bit special like the Amp6 from 41hz, which was about $115 delivered for 2, huge difference.

Lepai is cheap crap really. (I do use one for my TV stereo upstairs, and 1 in my workshop) :) but they are pretty low sensitivity.

When you build a boominator, the most Expense is your time, so spend up on the components, you'll hear it...
I have an ADS Powerplate 40 I would let go of for $75.00 and a ADS PowerPlate 80 I would sell for $100.00 you will not find a better Amp that ADS. They were some of the best made . They actually built the first car amp that incorporated a Switch Mode Power Supply .
I also have a Harmen Karden 20 x2 I will sell for $40.00.
If you want good sound get a good amp a cheep chip amp will not even sound close to as good as one of these
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