Best amp for 1000 watt 4ohm sub?

Im a noob when it comes to this stuff so sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask...

Im building a TUBA HT home theatre subwoofer, and the best sub recommended for the setup is a 1000 watt/500rms in 4ohm bridged 15" sub.

i have picked up the sub (RSS390HF-4 dayton audio 15" 1000 watt/500rms sub)

but have no clue which amp to go with....i came across the inuke 1000 but the inputs/outputs have nothing close to do with typical speaker wire...and I would like to keep it cheaper than the $360 dayton audio plate amp that matches the specs.

obviously i realize sometimes you have to pay for what best fits, but i have just confused myself more as i start if someone might best know where to point, id appreciate it!



2016-01-14 8:49 pm
Since there is no response, I will try to help with the little I know.

It would be hard to find an amplifier of that power that is cheaper than the inuke 1000. It says it provides 750W RMS @ 4R bridged, with built in crossover for sub woofer operation.

You could built a better amplifier with IRAUDAMP variants like the L15D or L20D. There is a forum member ljm_ljm that designs these, post at this thread for help. Going this direction, you will need to find a suitable power supply such as the SMPS600RS or SMPS500RS. Are you using a subwoofer pre-out from your source? If not, you have to look into filtering the audio source. Also be aware for technical problems such as bus pumping at low frequency with IRAUD amps you may run into.

I am not familiar with Behringer quality, but for subwoofer operation I think it would be suitable. Don't let the connectors deter you. It looks like it uses Speakon plugs such as this with the output and 1/4" TS/TRS adapters such as this or XLR adapters such as this.