Best Albums of the 00s (so far)

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This is spontaneous, only partly thought through, and hardly innovative, but here goes:

Is This It – The Strokes :yes:
Elephant – The White Stripes :spin:
Naked - The Beatles (best band of the 60s, hardly listened to as Spector ruined it, stripped of the syrup – now hard to take off) :nod:
Arcade Fire - Funeral :angel:

Mostly highly derivative, but with imagination, variety &/ or punch.

Alternatives or debate welcome . .
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Ooops I forgot:
Franz Ferdinand
And the all time heavy.weights Led Zeppelin’s How The West Was Won.

And the Strokes – I dunno – I was playing it today and eg that song Someday sounded like somthin out of a Drew Barrymore movie. I was listening & thinking where’s the magic, where’s the meaning? Are my new English audiophile speakers too BBC for these rockin Noo Yorkers? No, they’re faithful to the music.
We all know the magic of analogue, but what if it’s only on CD?

So I finally completed my (world first) digital to :whazzat: LP system, which burns LPs from CDs. The reslt – still no magic ~ as a last resort I then (a la Revolution 9) played it bachwars. Eureka, the hidden meaning of the song is revealed!

While Drew is driving to her mom’s to show her, her new wedding dress, the vial is caught in the rear wheel of the convertiable, and Drew is in a horrific car smash.
Fabrizio Moretti rushes to the hosiral, heraing she’s terribly disfigured, her blonde hair falling out in ptaches and turning frizzy and red from the heat of the engine on her lap, crushing the poodle too. When he arrives he says it dosen’t matter,m it was her stoic inteletualism that he always admired, ands they wed and consumnatte on the spot.

So if you finds your CDs aren’t doin for you like the reviews say they should, simply send me 99.99 and I’ll return ship my all noo Digital to LP system, & for an extra 9.99 you get the reverse motor mechanism, and all your collection will have entiurely new maenings.
Amaze Your Friends! Be One Up on other Audio Dudes – Snobs and Fools Alike! Don’t Delay! No More to Pay!

Anyways, if you don’t buy it, I’d delete the album off your top 5 list. Back to the Bonx guys. Nice cover art though, peachy.
The Klezmer influenced tacks on Nigel Kennedy & the Kroke Band: East Meets East are brilliant!

But Rick Wakeman? – I thought he had long since retired, sitting at a round medieval like table with other prog rockers, somewhere near the centre of the earth . .

:knight: :witch: :dunno:

What’s his recent style?
Rick? Retire? Never! ;-)

He's one of those people who never stops. As for what his recent style is: good question. He's versatile to put it mildly. To give a few examples from the past 5 years, he's had a couple of classical piano albums out, as well as some (more) relaxation ambiant music. He's done a particularly odd album called the Wizzard and the Forest of All Dreams -piano and keyboard with the English Chamber Choir, and has toured his latest progressive rock album Out There (I was one of the unpaid voluntry tour promoters in the North of England). He also still does some one-off one-man shows (born comedian that he is), and one-off shows with the New English Rock Ensemble of some of his classic tracks. If anything, he's got better as a performer. Still lots of analogue synths there, as well as everything else.

Sadly however, he's planning on finishing live performances at the end of next year: he, and his group did a couple of charity concerts to raise money for a children's hospital in Cuba. Unfortunately, a small number of idiots who clearly enjoy the thought of terminally ill children dying in agony got it into their heads that because Rick was doing charity concerts in Cuba, he was now The Great Evil Commie of the Western World (reminds me of Dr. Strangelove), and sent enough hate-mail to his website that he decided to quit touring, on the basis that his music was apparantly dividing people, rather than bringing him together. He says he will concentrate on albums and film-scores afterward: personally, I'm praying he changes his mind, and doesn't quit touring. Clearly the people who sent the hate mail hadn't bothered to notice that Rick's a fully paid up member of the UK Conservative Party. Sigh. You might be interested that he's doing some one-off concerts in Australia at the end of this month, two in Melbourne, two in Sidney. Have a look at his website for some more details on most of these things.

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