Beolab 14 Repair

Posting to see if anyone might be able to offer any assistance or advice on my currently non-working system.

I have owned a BeoLab 14 4.1 system for about 6 years now and I recently moved the location of my speakers (from my main floor to my basement). I carefully unplugged each of the components, moved them downstairs, and reconnected the system and finally plugged the subwoofer/main unit back into my receiver (the same one that it had been plugged into for years). Upon turning the system on, I head a very loud “pop” sound. It’s hard to describe the true sound, but pop is the best I can come up with.

Long story short, from that moment on I have not been able to get the system to turn at all nor make any sound. The indicator light does not even turn on whatsoever. I am obviously pretty sad because they have had no issues and it seems like the power from turning them on/connecting them to the receiver caused some sort of power shortage. I left them unplugged for 48 hours but no change. They have remained unplugged since as they are clearly out of warranty and after calling B&O they informed me there was nothing they could do as there are no retailers near me anymore. They gave me a number of a third party service center but I have been unable to make an appointment as they have a major backlog.

I would definitely appreciate any help as replacing is not possible, but this has been such a great system for me I am hoping I can save it
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If you just want to look around and are comfortable disassembling, the first thing I would look at is all of the capacitors. There have been many, many poor quality capacitors in lots of different equipment over the past 20 years or so.

Our phone system at work is one of them. Every time the power goes down we have a phone or two that dies. Replace one flaky capacitor and they come back to life.

If you don't have electronics experience, the third-party service center is probably the right answer. As long as they have experience with your model, they'll probably have a good idea what's wrong with it before they even see it.