Benz Micro Lukaschek PP-1

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Looks like I have a new toy to play with.
Problem is, it's broken.
Does anyone reckon it would be hard to find the schematics for this preamp.
I got it broken on ebay for 400AU, I hope it can be fixed!
Benz Micro Lukaschek PP-1
It looks nice, very small, expensive to buy new.
Last week I bought a denon mc cartridge, might have to trade in for similar range benz.
Just to own it.
I'm only new to the audio bit, I have a well modded rega and rb300, but my first riaa (Yaqin MS12B) is very entry level, and i might even sell it and the ortofon headamp if it all works out.
Re: Benz Micro Lukaschek..

bulgin said:
Hi Planarboy

I don't want to spoil your fun but isn't AU$400 too much to pay for something which doesn't work?

If so, I've made the same mistake and without doubt, will probably pay too much for something again...


yes, i did experience some difficulty parting with the cash.
I have a good friend who will be able to fix it though.
It's the last expensive thing I am buying til around August
Panicos K said:
It is really worth the effort and money to repair the PP-1.I am using one and I can tell you it is great.AU$400 is a steal even for a non-working PP-1.Good luck with the repair.I think it will not be so dificult.Is it the T9 version?T9 is the latest one.
I don't know if it's T9.
I'm starting to think I have to send it to Benz for repair.
I'm glad to hear it sounds good!
Will probably flog my current riaa
shallbehealed said:

You're just collecting parts left and right aren't you?
Yep, sort of, being in Western Australia, 70 km's from the capital, leaves me with virtually no chance to audition parts on a floor somewhere.
My first system is parts cobbled together that may or may not compliment each other...but I learn, and learn fast.
It sounds good to me, for the prices I am shelling it would want to!
But my Yaqin MS12B is really noisy, and I am hoping the expensive solid state lukaschek is much quieter, if it is, I'd consider buying a solid state headphone amp as well.
I have a DL304 and a supex cartridge to repair, along with the benz riaa.
This is gonna be costly again, putting the carts off maybe even for a whole year.
But I am thinking about getting a 1200x1200 piece of 40mm acrylic.
I got a friend who is a gun on his CNC, and I don't have to rent cutters.
My plan is to copy the rega plinth, and to make a 2 arm rega plinth, and also keep some acrylic for when I want to start thinking about inverted bearings spindle placing and such. Probably get 5-6 platters off the piece too.
$600AU for the bit.
I have no end of mdf to make mistakes on first.
I'd like to compare my carts in real time with an AB swithbox, I want a two arm table for it.
Panicos K said:
It is a really great sounding unit.I would agree with the idea of sending it to Switzerland for repair.As far as I know,prices are reasonable.And surely you won't regret it.
I don't reckon I'll regret it! haha.
I'm looking at benz micro website on another tab right now.
I wish I could listen to it right now, its just sitting there looking pretty.
I wonder if they'll put the letters back on for me, some of the white letters are missing.
What's the difference between the old and the new?
is it a better shunt reg? i think I read that the other day.
I wonder if you could do some serious opamp tweaks to it.
Could easily buy a way better power supply for it.
I didnt have a computer for a while.
My benz riaa is in switzerland right now and i am saving up in paypal, $470AU. Great price, because....
I get an entire T9 board replacement, they are fixing the power supply and straightening all the lettering on the top.
My supex already has an RA number, gonna send it to soundsmith USA, maybe get them to tell me what cantilever, stylus suits it.
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