Benefits of the ACP+

I recently completed a pair of ACA’s from the store and the Redux version from Nelson Brock.

I like them both very much and they will be in regular rotation on my Forte IV’s. I think they just need a little push to live permanently in the living room.

I’m currently using a Schiit passive preamp with them and I’m satisfied. But I’m wondering if I build a ACP+ preamp, if I can expect to get anymore volume out of them? Connected through my BottleHead Moreplay I don’t notice much improvement, so not sure the ACP+ will give me anything.

Any insight on this would be helpful. Thank you.
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I looked up the specifications. The Bottlehead Moreplay has 9dB of gain and so does the ACP+, so one would not be louder than the other with the same source.

The Schiit passive preamp would have zero gain, so both the Moreplay and ACP+ would be louder.
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