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Benchmark DAC1 for sale - with decent pics


2007-08-04 4:03 am
I screwed up the photographs on this one too:

Benchmark DACs need no introduction. I like these DACs so much that I have two of them, which is really one more than I need. I use one between a squeezebox streamer and a Goldpoint stepped attenuator prior to the power amp. To my wooden ears, it sounds wonderful.

The DAC is in very good condition. There's a small scuff on the top panel about half way down the right-hand side (visible in the photograph), which probably wouldn't be hard to hide if it bothered you.

I'm on the west coast of Canada and my price is US$420 or C$550. I'm happy to share the shipping cost within reason. The original user manual and packaging will be included.

Thanks for looking.


  • DAC1.JPG
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  • Benchmark inside.JPG
    Benchmark inside.JPG
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  • Benchmark outside.JPG
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