Belt replacement for a Sony BU-1E mechanism

Hi Gurus,

A friend of mine as a venerable ONKYO DX-G10 Grand Integra CD player (European name for the Onkyo 6990 Grand Integra).
The belt is dead and therefore there is a problem when trying to open or close the tray.

By searching on different web information sources (CD-Player-DAC-Transport List) it seems that this CD player is equipped with a Sony BU-1E / KSS-190A mechanism.

I would like to know if the Sony BU-1E and KSS-190A are exactly the same mechanisms, in order to know the replacement belt that I should order ?

I have found replacement belts for the KSS-190A on the internet but nothing related to the Sony BU-1E ...



2009-01-26 5:16 am
Has anyone figured this out? The usual eBay seller isn’t around anymore. I have found belts for the Sony 605esd, 705esd, the 605 using the same bu-1e. So I’m wondering if the two belt kit for those players will work. The old belts are too stretched for a good measurement.