Belt for Thorens TD280 MKII

Hi all,

I'm in trouble looking for a replacement belt for my Thorens TD280 MKII. Even the Thorens dealer in Spain cannot offer me a solution (!). It seems that the owners of belt driven turntables are facing a difficult future, isn't it?


Does anyone know where can I find one?
Is there a DIY alternative for those belts?


beltdrive Thorens


Of course I'm not able to compare the situation in Spain with the Netherlands but why don't you buy a "not original" drive belt for your Thorens.

A year ago I bought a replacement for my Thorens TD145 at an electronics shop in my hometown. The original would have been about 15 Euro, the not so original did cost me about 4 Euro. This belt does the job perfectly. Take your old belt to a shop near you, perhaps the are able to help you.


Luuk Boessenkool
the Netherlands
Hi Luuk,

Well, in fact that's what I did. I went to a hifi shop and the Thorens dealer itself sent us a "non original" belt (according to what you say, at the price of an original belt, 18 euros), but the belt didn't work, it was too short. That's why I posted my questions.

Anyway, I don't believe the situation in Spain can't be so different than in the Netherlands, I will investigate another shops (maybe I went to the wrong one, but what amazes me is the situation, without original replacements, of the official dealer).