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I am helping a friend troubleshoot and repair his BEL 1001 Mk I amplifier (he's an original owner!). It's clear that the 2N6284 NPN output transistor in one channel is shorted internally. They are still readily available, but I suspect that there is some matching that needs to be done to preserve performance at the highest level. However, with Richard Brown's passing last October, there appears to be no source of info (schematic, etc.) available. Anyone have any ideas?

Darlington device used in BEL2002

I am working on a BEL 2002. One of the outputs failed and I replaced it with ON semiconductor part 2N6287. I replaced the small electrolytics on the channel The amp lasted 4 months and failed again. I found 2 shorted devices and replaced them. It lasted for 3 hours and failed. I replaced all the devices in the output stage and it last 30 min. and failed. I mounted test points on the PCB to measure the emitter drop. I get 70-130 mV depending on device. The channels do not seem to get real warm. I measured 60 C on an output (not the one that fails) but that is within reason. DC offset is OK. There is no bias adjustment. Also peculiar is the heat sink configuration. Thermal coupling is not optimal. Does anyone know much about the design or the model?
I have no schematic or instructions. Would all be well if the devices were matched using a curve tracer? It seems oscillation may be the cause, but I have seen nothing to indicate that on the scope.
I spoke to Sal regarding the Model 2002, but sadly I was unable to keep it working more then several hours or days. Sal has taken over the BEL 1001 products. Replaced diodes, measured all components over and over. This unit has no test points, no bias control, and many parts hanging in air on a large header for a terminal/PCB. A mystery to me.
I've emailed Audio Summa several times to try and get my PCB's back but they haven't replied, I've been using, does anyone have a recent status update? Hopefully my boards are still in the boxes of bits that got passed from BEL through to Audio Summa. Or even a schematic, a parts list (including how to set it up properly) and any pair of PCB's would be OK. I have a MK III sat here that has never worked
I know this is an older thread but I am trying to contact Sal regarding a potential repair of a Bel 1001 mk II amplifier.

Does anyone know if he is still in business and his contact number?

If not are there any recommendations on repair tech that would be very familiar with this amplifier design?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Amplifier is currently in Chicago area.

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I found this schematic in my files.


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I had heard that Richard Brown had passed, I sent my boards to him for repair and was in email communication with him a few years ago but it then stopped. If anyone knows how I might be able to get them back (in their broken state would be fine) I'd greatly appreciate it - hoping someone finds this post who is contact with whomever owns the assets so I can get them back. I am using the case/transformer/heatsink for a Dartzeel clone but would like to get the original boards back and repair them myself.
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