Behringer power amps

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Hello all, I am new to this forum so please don't be too brutal. I am getting back into running sound with a band and they are looking at wanting a minimum of 6,000 watts for outdoor shows. We are looking at Behringer power amps for the cost value and they seem to get pretty good ratings from what I can tell. I would like to know what you all think of them and suggestions of models. I have access to an EP 2500 model if I like what I hear out of some professionals on here. This is what we are looking for. 1500 - 2000 watts @ 2 ohms per channel. Thanks for any help.
I am not a professional in sound reinforcement, but I have looked into trying to find the most watts for the least dollars. The user feedback at places like musicians friend (and similar web sites) makes me worry a bit about the reliability of some of the less expensive high power amps.

Please check it out. At the very least, you might have multiple inexpensive amps, so if one dies, the rest can carry on, almost with no one noticing.

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Gizzmore, check on line for solid work horse old amps...there's no need to drive amps at 2 ohms as they will over heat. Behringer power amps are a pain the backside to get spares for..heavy duty amps such as ev..peavey.. ppx1200 citronic amps are 1200w at 8 ohm bridged.
@ Dj offe Man you need to think better before posting things like that these ppl are looking for a rig of 6000W and you are suggesting a kit of 50 watts ..... simply no way ...

EP 4000 from Behringer iis a reliable amplifier but the sound of it is not what one may call HIFI .... the drive limit is 4 OHMS even though other things are stated ( and you may forget bridging at 4 ohms and some other weird theoretical stuff that is written in the manuals )

Numbers like the above can only be achieved only on bench tests at resistive loads In real life and with the speaker load the various internal limiters will not allow this power .

There is no part issue ( even for a country like Greece ) dont know what happens in Glasgow.... But the point is that its not expected the you will ever going to need much .

If you go for EP 4000 drive no lower than 4Ohms get more amplifiers Try to use EP 4000 for bass subs or at the maximum low mids For the rest you should go for a better sounding amplifier .

I nuke is a better option when it comes to the ratio of W/kg but the sound of them is also not the best ...Keep in mind that I nuke ( other class D amplifiers also ) will be power depending and surges or spikes inside your mains could destroy the amp far more easier than it will happen than in a classic amp with a normal trafo inside ...

Cheap models of QSC will be at the exact same status eventhough bigger and legendary name Do not go for Dynacord also or electrovoice

it remains a fact that both I nuke and EP 4000 are dirt cheap and vfm products

kind regards

Sorry for the confusion...On re-reading my post, I see how it came about...

It wasn't my intent to suggest multiple 50 WPC amps...Although I said it badly and not clearly, my intention was to suggest using multiple inexpensive high power amps, e.g. Multiple Behringers...let's even say just two...that way, if one died, the output acoustic power would just drop by 3 dB, which might not even be noticed. (of course that means you'd need to be running multiple speakers, but given the power levels, that's probably happening anyway).

The Akitika GT-101 was essentially just the signature I'm using to many of my posts, so people could see some of my stuff.

My apologies again for the confusion...

Ok then no need for apologies please

In a pro gig and rig its a fact that there should be one or two extra amplifiers and yes braking the system in smaller parts or ways instead of 2way make it 3 or 4 is always better require more amps but smaller and cheaper and it has a lot more tuning abilities .....

one way or another you should have a spare

On the other hand i think the OP said something about a ""band"" so there should be monitors on stage with amplifiers so in case of any failure screw the musicians grab one amp from the monitors and use it for the really paying people

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I really wonder, why there is so much asking for theese 2KW 2-Ohms amps?
I still believe more in a decent amp-rack with sturdy workhorses goofing around with their 4-8-Ohms loads.
Sounding better.
MUCH longer servicetime (Up going between failures)
Never missing out on sound IF any amp should fail.

But it seems as if "the whole world" arte out there trying to drive as many speakers on one amp as ever possible.


Hehe, Sakis, You said it.
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