Behringer Guitar Amp

Hi Can anyone help me please,

I have a Behringer Ultraroc GX110. The power amp iC failed some time ago and I removed it to replace it at a later date. Unfortunately I have lost the old IC its a 9 pin multiwatt type device with a power rating of around 25 to 30 watts. As there are very few schematics around for Behringer amps I can't remember the number of the chip. If anyone can help me to find out what it was I would be very grateful. Even if some knows of a 9 pin device around this power rating I may be able (with the help of the data sheet) to get it working again.

Many thanks


Thanks Jon and Tarzan for the swift replies.

The 2030 and 2050 are both 5 pin devices. I think the original was similar type of device but with mute and standby options on board judging by the other components on the board.

I will try and contact the poster of the other thread in case he still has his. I know its a long shot but you never know. There are other devices that do have these functions but they are all much higher power and will be too much for the speaker.

If not, I will take your advice and knock up a simple add on pcb holding the 2050 chip so I can connect in into the original pcb as that holds all the output jacks at the rear of the case.

Thanks again for your help and if I do find out the number of the original chip I will post it on the same thread to hopefully help someone else in the future.
I ordered the chip suggested and then against all odds found the original one that I had cut out of the board. Its No is LM4701T. My wife is always telling me off for not throwing old components away so I'm feeling quite smug at the moment. :D

I know its unlikely but if anyone ever does get one to repair they can now at least search this thread.