Behringer europower pmh1000 blown psu


2010-10-21 9:23 pm
Hi all. I have a question about this mixer. The psu has blown and I was wondering if anyone know likely components that go. I know its a longshot but am sure their must be some engineers out there that fix them. I am an electronics engineer myself so am pretty competent when it comes to these things, but frankly, switchmodes are a bastard even with a schem so without one I def need help! anyway, the 2 cool mos transistors (17n80c3) which im assuming are the primary side chopping transistors have blown. This has also taken out R58,R59,R67,R68 surface mount. cant quite make out value but think is .47 or 47 ohms and are connected from -o/p of bridge rect to the top221p mosfet pwm controller. Also gone are R34,R43 and C7. These are just the smd's that have obviously blown by looking at them. I havent got down to checking other things with ohmeter/diode checker yet. Am I wasting my time or does anyone know if this is a classic chain of components that goes and what else should be changed?
would really appreciate any help. thanks​
Hi all, I have a blown power supply on my pmh1000, I could do with a schematic or a replacement power sypply. It looks like it has blown out large transistor mounted on a heatsink. near a coil it has also burnt out some resistors. blows out the mains fuse with a loud crack and flash near the cooling fan area. the board is bkackend and a bit burnt. can anybody help. email [email protected]
thanks, I already have pmh1000 schems, but would like pmh3000 if you can get them?

Hi,i am luis from sonora Mexico.
I´d like to know if you can send to me a copy the complete schematics of the Behringer PMX1000 ,i need to repair. My email is: [email protected]
Thanks in advance.
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2012-07-13 1:49 pm
Hi Tarzan,Lazerlight and all, could you please send me a schematic for the pmh1000.the power supply is blown and I can't seem to find the parts for it. I hope the schematic will help. Would really appreciate. Thanks. Kizito [email protected]
Hi Dizzy Kizzy
Did you manage to get the drawings for the PMH1000 if so could you possibly forward them onto me. i also have a dead one "PSU" Doh!
[email protected]
Hi Tarzan and other members, I have a PMH1000 that has lost the 48 Volt supply , I replaced the emitter follower regulator but am not sure if there is a zener somewhere but I,m getting 67 volts unloaded, which is probably too high, I would like to get a schematic on this unit if possible.

Repairing for friend.
All other power supplys are good.
Power amp Good.