Behringer DCX 2496 attenuation of outputs?

Hi all,
Getting ready to connect my digital xover.
What value of attenuation would be recomended for the outputs?
I will be using amps with 34db to 35db of gain with 90db/w speakers.
A db range to suit quiet and louder music would help.
I want to wire up a temporary attenuator until I have time to develop a digitally controlled analogue attenuator as suggestted in the thread that ran recently.
Here's the beginnings of a simple attenuator box with a stereo pot from Percy Audio and some ratshack parts.


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The manual talks about automatic detection of unbalanced connections and adjusting gain to compensate. Have I reworded that correctly?
I intend connecting both hot & cold to a 10k for each, then connecting a dropping resistor (about 1k0 to 1k5) between the 2 10k's. That way it appears to be balanced, then tap off across the 1k0 as input to the power amp.
If output is +22dbu at clip then -6db still leaves +16dbu (almost 5v) at the input to the power amps. see my other thread re output voltage.

Yes, you reworded correctly. That's exactly the way it works.

Your balanced attenuator configuration sounds good. The component values you mentioned would yield a little over 20db of attenuation which sounds about right with your high gain amplifiers. However, you may need to fine tune the values so the DCX doesn't clip. I would try maybe a 5k potentiometer in place of your 1-1.5k parallel resistor and experiment to find the optimum setting and then replace with a fixed resistor.

I am assuming your power amps have balanced inputs?