Beginner Help: Thorens TD 125 voltage

I'm completely new to turntables and am in need of help.

I have just purchased a Thorens TD 125 MK II. The power adapter is american (and I live in australia), so I just want to ensure that the power supply is set up for 230V and not 120V.

I've attached the instructions from the manual for how to carry this out, and also a picture of the circuit in question. I'm unable to follow the instructions and was hoping someone could explain to me in as simple a manner as possible.



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It's all set, I can see that the little 5 x 20mm fuse is installed and that is for 220V operation.

You can either change the plug, use a travel adapter or change the cord set to address the American plug on the line cord.

Note that you should check to make sure that the stroboscope mirror & lens assembly is in the 50Hz position, and that's it.

(I have a TD-125)

If this is an eBay score please check to make sure the electrolytic caps in the drive electronics have all been replaced. (If you can't do this find someone who can.)
This TT is now somewhere around 38yrs old and the caps have deteriorated significantly by now.