Beating Dynaudio Audience 42 for 250-300 Euros, please help me!


My friend is trying to beat a Dynaudio Audience 42 speaker pair for about 250-300 Euros. The cost is about 530 Euros per pair new.

I would like to know if it's possible at first.
He was planning to use Morel, one 160mm bass/midrange + 28mm tweeter.

Then, he checked the total price and he was near 380 Euros. So, he think the DIY risk is big for only 150 Euros difference to get the real thing.

Please help me to find a suitable alternative for woofers/tweeter to convert him to DIY hehe!

Thank you very much!


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2003-03-17 4:30 am
you guys simply aren't DIYing hard enough-

dynaudio beaten and overtaken-

"This system uses a Dynaudio 15W75 with a new Seas 27TBCG tweeter. The woofer was a sale item from Madisound. When they went on sale for $60 each, there was a mad rush to buy them and several hundred were gone in a few days. The tweeters were great but these woofers turned out to have a problematic response curve that required two notches to smooth out. I finally did get a smooth response, but the crossover had an excessively large number of components in it. I decided to move on to a better woofer, and the result of that is the Seas L15 system documented elsewhere."

The L15/27TFFC system-

mX1 beaten and sold off-
Re: The CAOW1 (
"Final Comment-
Very good small speakers, on initial listening they seem very well balanced and I haven’t noticed any “shreaky” areas yet - good depth and sound stage (one hours listening).

I decided to do an A/B comparison with a pair of Tannoy Mercury MX1’s I use on my PC. Initial I was a bit disappointed that the Tannoys sounded good but when I went back to the CAOW1’s they sounded more like baby monitor speakers than book shelve units."

Having built the CAOW1’s I sold my original small pair of (1) Tannoy...