BBE 1072cp 9627 IC

I am trying to repair an older model BBE sonic maximiser and I need a BBE1072cp 9627 integrated circuit. It is a 24 pin IC. 12 pins on each side. All I can find is a 1071cp 18 pin IC. HELp!!??!


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If you search for Exar XR-1072, you will at least turn up a datasheet for this one. Some help for troubleshooting if nothing else.

I did find at least one seller for the surface-mount (SOIC) version XR1072CD. How trustworthy I don't know, but I imagine you could bend the legs into enough of a DIP-like shape for it to work. Even if they're knockoffs, a lot of the internal circuitry is documented in the datasheet and a bit of educated guesswork and experience in analog chip design may well be sufficient to come up with a decent clone.