BBC LS3/5a Original v DIY clones

What’s the view and experience on the

Have many people used them or still use them?

There seems to be a bit of a cult following and sh prices are steep.

Should they be on my bucket list?

Is it fools gold?

Has any one built any clones and any experience?

Sticking my head over the parapet.

Both Falcon Audio and Wilmslow audio do sensibly priced kits on the LS3/5A theme. I think you can go and listen to Wilmslow one at their premises, I am not sure if you can listen to a Falcon kit at their place though, after all they make the real thing. If you order a kit today you can get a 10% saving. I know because I need to order some stuff from them.

The real item is definitely love or hate. look up LS3/5A reviews especially Stereophile ones as you can get some kind of idea there. Also there is the LS3/5a user group on Yahoo.

Plus The Unofficial LS3/5A Support Site
Rogers Loudspeakers › LS3/5a

If you can use a translator this might be handy, its in 4 parts.

Do you currently like small monitor loudspeakers, and can you live with a curtailed bass response, plus they are revealing of other components in the chain. If you like what they can do you may end up re jigging your system to suit, the 15ohm models suited some of the valve amps around at the time they were introduced, the quad II had 15 ohm taps which would have been a good match, and they don't take to much power.

When people compare them to Quad electrostatics, maybe that's a clue.

To do your own take, firstly you need a donor 5" that will work sealed in a 5 litre box, maybe grow it a bit to 8 Litres or so to keep it relatively small. I don't see a problem with sourcing a tweeter to match.
Cabinets, if I was to make my own I would sensibly stick with the BBC birch plywood and beech battens, plus damping pads.

As somebody is using stacked LS3/5A's at shows, what about a MTM type design, something novel, yet still reasonably compact. The big but there is not everyone likes the way MTM's image, two midwoofer's should help with a bit more bass though.
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If someone starts producing them in a large commercial scale, the price would be much much lower (I guess it would be less than $1000 a pair), but it most probably will be a very unsuccessful business, since small pro monitors are much more versatile and powerful today, and for consumer market, people would choose B&W-ish speakers over BBC. Another charming sounding vintage speakers, though.
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Both Falcon Audio and Wilmslow audio do sensibly priced kits on the LS3/5A theme. I think you can go and listen to Wilmslow one at their premises
Yes, Wilmslow Audio have re-introduced their LS3 Bookshelf Speaker by public request. It's based on the LS3/5A design but, at 89dB, has a more amplifier friendly sensitivity.

Price ranges from £260 (basic kit without cabinet) to £625 (with built, veneered & finished cabinet).

WA LS3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

I had free run of the speaker demonstration room at the firms's original premises in Wilmslow decades ago, when I picked out the LS3 as the most pleasing of all the speakers present due to its detailed midrange performance.
The Wilmslow Audio and Falcon kits use Monacor bass units, which allegedly has a less wayward response than the original B110 which should mean less equalisation and contouring of the frequency response of the driver.
As Galu points out sensitivity is up by a few dBs as which is a combination of driver and less complex crossover.

Wilmslow tweeter is a respected Vifa unit and the Falcon one a scanspeak, both are generally good. I have had a scanspeak 2010 for over twenty years and is still measures good and sounds sweet to my ears.

If you can wait a month or so, next months issue of Practical electronics should introduce a Jake Rothman design based on the LS3/5A and loudspeaker articles he is currently presenting there. If I understand it right there will be three differing options and I think next month he is going to introduce his design using a Wavecor short gap long voice coil driver, for added linearity.

I don't think he has divulged what tweeter he is using yet though. I think from his magazine articles it should be a well thought out and competent design.

How are the guys on the Art of Sound Helping with your query?
To be clear, the Wilmslow unit is simply a clone using off-the-shelf drivers and does not purport to be an LS3-5A. Not to say it doesn't have its virtues though!

The Falcon unit is the real McCoy using B110 and T27 drivers faithfully reproduced by their original designer.
In response to Charles Darwin.

I did not make it absolutely clear I was talking about the Falcon acoustics kit. Checking their website they don't seem to do it anymore. They do a woodwork kit for the original Kef drivers which of course they can provide.

So it seems Wilmslow audio is the only source for a sensible kit with woodwork.
Well... JungSon LS 3/5A crossover

Jungson termekek - 37. oldal -