Battery powered op-amp analogue stage of DAC

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I'm doing some upgrading of the analogue stage of my little bit three DAC. A wicked thought has just crossed my the moment the two opamps are running off +/-6v from a couple of voltage regulators. These also run the digital stages. I was thinking, hook up a 4pack of AA's for each rail and run a on/off switch to the front panel and run the analogue stage from batteries!
Has anyone done this to a DAC or a CD player? Does it bring any change to the sound?

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Battery Power

Several months back I posted pics of my Monica II dac here. It is hooked up with one 2.3 aH, 12V SLA for the dac and another for the reciever and XTAL.
This way there is a battery for the analog section, and another for the noisy digital. To help with slam there are a couple of large value Panasonic FM caps close to each input of the dac.
The sound is very lush and warm. And it does have some slam too. I still preferred my modified Marantz SA-8260, but this was with a lesser quality amplifier. I need to reevaluate the dac now that I have built a better amplifier.

Battery power supply

I've build a battery power supply for my 963SA feeding the analoge stages throug a stabalised +8/-8V supply and the digital stage of the player with a unregulated 12V sbattery supply.
I used two 12v 7,2Ah sealed led/gel batteries. A battery charger and a battery portector circuit, constantly measuring the voltage of the batteries if connected to the load and warning if the voltage hits below 11,8V, a led will flash for two hours so you are warned to manually shut down the circuit for recharging the batteries, if you fail, the circuit will disconnect it automatically after two hours to protect the batteries for major damage.
With fully charged batteries I can play more than 7 hours in a row. Even than the led didn't start flashing.......

Well now something much more important than the technical babble: the sound.
I really like the sound, it's much more detailed and dynamic. The sound picture is much more stable and airy, not particulary warm but more analoge sounding.
The annoying digital glare and grain has gone, I find it a major improvement on the SMPS which is standard in the player.

See my pictures:

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