Batteries lifepo in Europe?


2006-11-20 8:10 pm
Hi, I'm trying to power a tA2020 amp from 41hz I build in a portable system.
I thought of batteries like are sugested in the 41hz forum:
3300 mha 12.8v lifepo
The problem is that shipping these things from USA is extreamly expensive, is there any where here in Europe where I can get a battery kit with charge and discharge manage board?

Also where can I get a linear power supply wih 12~14v.
Hola juanito,
try hobbyking (europ). They sell parts for remote control toys. There you'll find LiPo-Accus and according charger quite cheap. I Don't know if they have LiFePo, but Lipo used for these toys where you draw lots of amperes will work. Power supply 13,8V @ many amperes you'll find at Conrad, Reichelt, Völkner, Pollin (sorry all german), but you will hardly find a linear one. Today the are switchmode.


2006-11-20 8:10 pm
Thanks, I'll look throgh those lifepo batteries at hobbyking. They have a model named zippy flightmax 13.2v lifepo4... The enclosure is a bit fancy colours.
Price for shipping is totally diferent from batteryspace.
Interesting but I have to see how to use this with a battery charge manager.
The voltage of 13 volts is fine.

The zippy flightmax battery from Hhobbyking can be charged with this charger IMAX B6 LCD Digital LiPo NiMH Battery Balance Charger | eBay not sure if that give you free shipping where you are but does to me. Also not sure if the plugs are all set up for those two items to match, I think they are.The only thing to consider is that you should ideally run some form of low voltage cut circuit with lifepo4 batteries.... it the deep deep cycling that could possible damage them.

Here is a bms for lifepo4 4s(4 cell) PCB for 4 cells (12.8V) LiFePO4 Battery Pack at 7A limit
How did you arrive in that result?

Measured current draw with music signals just before clipping is 360mA stereo into 4 ohms. 210mA into 8 ohms. Both will a 12V supply. LiFePO4s are typically 12.8V.

Naturally you will most of the time not have turned music up to clipping level so power consumption will be much lower, typically under 100mA.