Batteries in case of Topping TP20 or HLLY T-Amp 20


2005-10-12 10:22 am
Call me crazy but I am interested in squeezing some rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries into the case of a TA2020 amplifier. Since I don't have the amplifier yet, can anyone who already has one tell me if either of the options below will fit in a Topping TP20 or HLLY T-Amp 20? I imagine the I would glue the cells to the top of the case, oriented sideways...if they fit. :xfingers:

Option 1:
(4) 18650 cells 1100 mah (13.2V)
Length: 65 mm, 2.56 in
Diameter: 18 mm, .70 in

Option 2: (preferred)
(4) 26650 cells 2300 mah (13.2V)
Length: 65 mm, 2.56 in
Diameter: 26 mm, 1.02 in



2010-08-17 8:46 pm
I don't have neither of those models (yet) but cheaper S.M.S.L TA2020, but aren't those models with same kind of chassis that needs to be slide around the circuit and components so there needs to be space available for the bigger components all the way? Sorry my bad english.