BAT Vk-D5SE Tube CD player - Help with Tube Section output

Hi All, new here and looking to get some help troubleshooting a Tube CD player. This is a BAT VK-D5SE tube CD player that uses 4 6H30 tubes for the output. One channel (2 tubes) works fine the other channel has a couple issues I think are related but maybe not. I do have the schematics, and before I go into gory detail and upload the schematics, I wanted to make sure I was in the right spot and could get some help?

Thanks a bunch
Hi. I'm not english spoken, I understand "couple issues" like some kind of microphonism. Is it like this? if there is microphonism issue in one channel, the most suspect culprit is a tube, or a bad connection. It looks a great and massive CD player, the fault is tiny fault, typical tube fault.